How to Get My Book Published and Some Common Mistakes New Authors Make

The first question that would come to mind in the realm of publishing would probably be “how to get my book published.” How do you get your book published? This article will answer this question. More so, this will also provide you with the top mistakes a new publisher can make and the solution for the common publishing mistakes one can do.

Do not worry about the phrase “how to get my book published.” If you are a beginner, it is normal that you get perplexed with this statement. Undeniably, it is always a bit more difficult to know what to do during your first time. Do not be embarrassed about this because this is the most normal feeling a beginner would have.

The most common mistakes a beginner can commit:

a.) Lost. “I do not really know what I am doing.” The first thing to remember is to accept that you are innocent in this pursuit and that the only way to be an expert is to research and try your luck. Many beginners have shared that they could have earned more if they had just accepted their innocence. So, research, study, read reviews and try.

b.) “Too.” Too long and too expensive. These are two common mistakes a beginner commits. Readers do not want to waste their time reading long “blas.” Remember most of your readers are busy, so they want direct information and immediate entertainment. Do not also forget that your topic may not be alone in the market. Other authors might have been selling it for a cheaper price. So do not be so expensive. Readers will always opt for a cheap-quality-worth buy material.

c.) Series. When your topic is wide. Split it in a trilogy or a series. These kinds of book create thrill and excitement to readers. They would wait and hunger for the next issue once they are captivated by the first piece.

d.) Specifics. Readers like specific details. Remember, they want information and some need help that is why they read. So be concise and definite.

e.) Market Fail. When you promote, you would need strategies. Promotion in social media is not enough. Giveaways and freebies would be an option to consider.

f.) PDF. Yes, be careful with your format. You have to format your material in a way that will be acceptable to your publisher.

How to get my book published – Now that you know the common mistakes in publishing, you probably would not fret on this statement anymore. You are creative. You just have to let that talent out.

So the next time you ask yourself on how to you can publish your book. Do not go into too much of a rush. Research and know what needs to be done. This article will be of help too.

An interesting fact to be aware of is that if you were to read from 3 to 5 books on any topic, then YOU would already know more than 80% of the population about that subject.

How to get my book published – Stop asking and start now.

Networking Convenience

Networking is such a multi-faceted tool for achieving success in business, professional and personal matters. It is definitely an art that needs fine tuning and precision to work its optimum performance. Along with the nuances of networking, it is important to be and make yourself convenient for the common business and social practices. Your counterpart will appreciate and feel comfortable when you make an effort to genuinely connect and do mutual business.

Listed below are tips for being more “networking friendly” and showing courtesy to individuals and organizations.

Convenient to Contact

At events, make sure to exchange business cards or contact information. Being able to connect with others is the true essence of networking. Your contact info should be correct and up to date. Offer different ways for people or organizations to reach out to you. Likewise, ask how your counterpart can be best and most frequently reached. Setting up these parameters in the beginning also sets the expectation of the relationships.

Convenient to Meet

Once you have exchanged proper information and feel there are shared interests, consider meeting up. This can be a one-on-one where you can go into more detail about who you are and how you can do mutual business. Or it can be at similar networking event that mirrors how you both met. In any case, when you meet up make sure to be on time, properly dressed and networking minded. Be respectful and continue to establish good reputation as a professional.

Convenient to Refer

Finally, as these events pan out, make sure that it is easy to refer you to other individuals, organizations and networks. This is a large portion of successful business and word of mouth is a strong marketing and branding tool. In your conversations, concisely and accurately describe what you do and how you service your specific target audiences. Let your counterpart know the ways that you prefer doing quality business.

Hopefully, these tips and advice will move you in the right direction for making good connections. Once again, making yourself accessible and easy to work with is the goal for success.

Supercharge Your Business Blog With These 5 Easy To Implement Strategies

Business blogs are most appealing and drive most traffic and sales when they focus on discussing and even solving the problems of customers, rather than on the business and marketing part. The fact that consumers love blogs is common knowledge, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have to invest time and money in your business blog if you want it to be a magnet for customers. Whether you’ve just created a business blog or have an older business blog that doesn’t get as much traffic and hits as you’d like, the following easy to implement strategies will help you supercharge your blog to boost traffic and engagement and ultimately create leads and sales. For best results, combine all of the strategies below.

Create At Least One Blog Series

A series of posts that share the same theme are more effective at encouraging readers to return to your blog. Blog series create a sense of expectancy and give you the opportunity to explore in depth topics that are of concern to your audience, thus having a more forceful impact than disconnected, standalone posts that come and go. When it comes to blog series, the limit is your creativity.

You can create blog series to present interviews with experts in your industry, introduce your audience to key people in your company, tackle a topic of contention in your industry from different angles, or simply break down a very long post or complicated topic into smaller parts to make it easier to digest for your audience. You can run multiple series in parallel on different days of the week, or focus on one series at a time. Regardless of the type of series you choose to develop for your blog, focus on cohesion and continuity to ensure that the different installments stick together.

Turn Your Blog Into an Elegant Customer Support Resource

Another way to supercharge your business blog is to take all those questions that prospective customers are asking you through email, on the phone, or via social media and answer them directly on your blog through informative posts. Not only does this help you build trust, but it can also make the life of your customer support team easier. For this strategy to work, however, you must use search engine optimization effectively to make your blog content easy to discover, and implement a convenient search bar on your blog, if you don’t have one already. Furthermore, it’s necessary for you to market your blog as a comprehensive yet pleasant to read resource for your customers.

Make Your Text-Based Blog Posts Mouth-Watering

To pull this off you need three things: high-quality images from premium stock image sites such as iPhoto, killer headlines, and a stylish blog design with elegant formatting (sub-headings, bullet-point lists, and a legible font). Spending a bit of money on tasteful graphic design, premium photography, and copywriting services is a good investment because it will make your blog stand out. It’s easy to outsource blog design projects these days, and you can get high-quality work done by freelancers quickly and effectively without the inflated costs of big online marketing and graphic design agencies.

Integrate YouTube Videos Into Your Blog

For most people, videos are more exciting than text. They are easier to process and tend to make a stronger impact on viewers. You should by no means limit your video marketing efforts to YouTube, Facebook, or other social networks that support videos. By making videos a prominent part of your blog, you can add more flavour to it, boost your traffic, and perhaps even boost sales.

Ideally, you will want to create unique videos for your blog that your audience can’t see anywhere else. If you feel comfortable behind a camera, consider narrating your posts to your audience through video, using images and infographics to highlight key points. Other video marketing ideas for your blog include behind the scene sneak peaks at your team at work and interviews with people in your company or industry.

Promote Your Blog Rather Than Your Website

Many people prefer a company’s blog to its website because the blog contains more practical information and drops the business tone to provide content in a more friendly and accessible format. A very effective way to supercharge your business blog is to make it the target of your online marketing efforts on a regular basis. So, instead of directing customers to your business website, use Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social networks you’re active on, as well as your email marketing campaign and even Google ads to drive massive traffic to your blog. Then you can subtly and seamlessly integrate your key products and services into your blog posts as solutions to the problems you are discussing, and drive sales in an effective way.

In the end remember that blogs tend to eat more content than social networks. The key to maintaining an engaging blog for your audience is to feed it at least once or twice a week with valuable content, whether you create it yourself or outsource it.

So what is it that you want to blog about?